Grow my beard

We have borrow som tip from different beard brand sites. Here comes the awesome steps.


Here are som steps from the Swedish brand Beardcrown.


 Keep it clean!

1. Stay clean and fresh, maybe you think it’s normal. But be sure to really wash your beard a few times a week with beard shampoo. Do not use regular shampoo because it usually contains silicone that clogs your pores.

What do you eat?

2. Think about what you eat in one month. The food affects a lot of your body’s life. The healthier you are with the food, the more positive your beard growth will be. Start to eat more vegetables and fruits in your diet, they are rich in minerals and vitamins that your beard needs to grow faster. Don’t forget the protein.


3. Do you like to work out? Perfect continue with it. Through hard workouts, you start your blood circulation and that will help your beard to grow.

 Do not underestimate the beard products!

4. This may sound like a sales hub with it’s not. Using beard oil helps your beard to grow more. Use an oil every day and you will notice a difference and you will get rid of itchy and dandruff skin.

Drink a lot!

5. Drinking a lot of water will help you with the beard growth. Feel free to supplement with vitamin tablets so you’re getting  all your vitamins your body need.